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  • Random House filed suit to silence the facts I was posting on the web.
  • There has been NO trial on the facts, only the Random House effort to prevent a trial.
  • The only sworn statements made under penalty of perjury are affidavits from me and my experts, nothing from RH.
  • The judge refused to consider any expert analysis.
  • Despite suing me first, Random House & Sony UNsuccessfully demanded that I pay the $310,000 in legal fees they spent to sue me.
  • Contrary to the Random House spin, I am not alleging plagiarism of general issues, but of several hundred very specific ones.
  • This is not about money. Anything I win goes to charity.

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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

This is What Random House Will Destroy

Random House is screaming and scheming to destroy me so that it can chill any other author who dares to stand up to them.

But if they succeed, this (see news, below) is who will really suffer. Think they care? Uh-uh. When you're big, fat, arrogant and have no effective competition in the marketplace then a little collateral damage is okay.


First Annual Books 'n Blues Raises $15,000+
Authors, Musicians, Bidders Have Fun While Doing Good

GREENWOOD, MISSISSIPPI -- Authors and blues musicians coordinated by Myrna Collie-Lee (Mrs. Morgan Freeman) raised more than $15,000 for Katrina victims and deserving students during the first annual Books 'n Blues festival and silent auction in the Mississippi Delta on Oct. 1.

Hosted by the Viking Range Corporation at their Greenwood headquarters, Books 'n Blues began as a benefit for Communities in Schools which serves approximately 2,500 court-involved students ages 12 to 17 through artist residency and arts education programs for schools, after-school programs and Adolescent Offender Programs.

Following the Katrina devastation, Books 'n Blues dedicated half of the evening's proceeds and expanded its focus to include:

-- Providing funds to support displaced students who need to buy school supplies, textbooks and other assistance.
-- Providing funds and assistance to make sure that displaced students can comply with the vaccination requirements of their host school districts.
-- Coordinating efforts to make sure that displaced students have desks, computers and other items needed to continue their studies both in school and for home.
-- Coordinating efforts to provide after school homework study facilities for students in shelters.
-- Helping provide books and other educational enrichment.
-- Helping rebuild school libraries
-- Providing assistance and training for affected schools to enable them to create and operate their own ongoing fundraising efforts.

Books 'n Blues also prompted author Clyde Ford to start a parallel effort, "A Writer's Day of Action", which, Ford said, also helped inspire the American Bookseller's Association Special Fundraising Effort. Both the ABA and Ford's effort coincided with the Oct. 1 Books 'n Blues event.

Books 'n Blues is the brainchild of Greenwood native and New York Times best-selling author Lewis Perdue who wanted to use his donation in an entrepreneurial way to create an ongoing organization, modeled after Sonoma wine country charity events, that continue to benefit schools year after year.

The list of authors signing at the event can be found here:


Blogger Roger said...

Why would Random House destroy this? I don't understand.

Thu Oct 06, 07:36:00 AM PDT  
Blogger Lewis Perdue said...

I came up with the Books 'n Blues concept and seed-funded it. While it is nearly on its feet, ite survival depends on my continued involvement.

If RH were to win the fees issue, this would go down the drain as well as several other charity projects I am involved with.

The point is that Random House really doesn't care who gets hurt in their quest to shut me up and keep the expert witness data from getting to a trial.

Thu Oct 06, 08:45:00 AM PDT  
Blogger Mark said...

They're protecting their turf. That a corporation is heartless is not surprising.

Thu Oct 06, 12:32:00 PM PDT  

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